Beam Wallet – The Perfect Shopping Buddy

Beam Wallet – The Perfect Shopping Buddy

Beam Wallet – The Perfect Shopping Buddy
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Have you ever found yourself in the embarrassing situation of waiting in line to purchase something and when it finally comes your turn you find out your wallet is somewhere in the car or on the home sofa? Quite frustrating I would say.

Fortunately, there is something that none of us forgets lately – and that’s not our pants, neither is our kid – it’s the phone. As much as we try to deny it, it’s a fact. We notice quite immediately if we forget our phone; I don’t know why, it’s like it has an umbilical chord attached. Back to the store now – what do you do? People staring at you, the cashier with a wondering look in his eyes like “Are you gonna get that stuff or not?”

There is a saving move, again thanks to technology. Beam Wallet is an application that can easily become a handy solution, a shopping guide and a friend in need. Specifically designed for a smart, easy shopping experience, Beam Wallet is the hottest mobile payment application currently on the market: link.

Why you should choose Beam Wallet?

Ok, so here is why I think Beam Wallet is about to become an indispensable application in the near future – not only when it comes to comfort, but also utility.

  • Beam Wallet is a user friendly, highly secure mobile payment application;
  • It can be downloaded by Android and iPhone users;
  • Outstanding level of utility, with countless rewards and offers;
  • Beam Wallet is the NEW Black, and it’s rapidly taking the world by storm. Over 1200 stores through the UAE accept payments with Beam Wallet and the network is continuously expanding.  Some of the well-known brands where Beam Wallet works like a charm whether you have forgotten your wallet, you are short of cash or you simply want to take advantage of the latest offers and discounts are: Carrefour, Subway, ALDO, Geant, Nine West, VOX Cinemas, Circle K, Tim Horton’s and even Tommy Hilfiger. For an updated list of partner shops, go to .
  • For those of you who find it hard to keep track of expenses, vouchers and receipts, Beam Wallet is the perfect partner: the mobile payment application can do all that and more.

If you have never used a mobile payment application before for shopping purposes, I would suppose that the main concerns are security and privacy. Paying with the mobile phone seems less secure than using a credit card, right? Fortunately, Beam Wallet provides high security features and much less stress – no more fumbling over change, waiting for receipts or having to keep expenses track.

Whenever you are approaching a mall or a shopping center, remember to launch Beam Wallet. This could be the beginning of an exciting journey! The application connects you instantly with your favorite brands/stores by delivering a flawless feed of special offers and discounts. Moreover, users will get information about the available rewards for each purchase they make using Beam Wallet.

  • In order to take full advantage of this simple and effective mobile payment application, make sure you enable your GPS and select the location.

You are not set and ready to use this Smarter Way for mobile payments. It takes about 30 seconds to process a transaction over the counter once you are ready to pay for your products.
Back to our storyline People staring at you, the cashier with a wondering look in his eyes like “Are you going to get that stuff or not?”… Hmmm, yeah I am ready because now I have Beam Wallet.

  1. I’ll tap on the “Beam” button my phone screen.
  2. It takes me a couple of seconds to enter the Beam PIN.
  3. Tapping my phone on the beam terminal at the counter. The phone doesn’t have to physically touch the beam terminal. It needs to be within 3 cm of the beam terminal and for about a half of second.
  4. The screen goes green, so I’m telling the satisfied cashier I am “Ready to beam”
  5. A confirmation screen appears after the cashier processes the transaction.
  • This payment method requires location data and Bluetooth switched on.

The Smarter Way to Mobile Payments

Once you sign up for Beam Wallet you will instantly receive 30 AED. If you sign up using one of the green links (my referral link) you will get 40 AED!

Also you can start telling your friends about this great service and ask them to user your “referral link” or enter your personal code when they sign up and you will be rewarded again! It’s a win-win situation and they will be able to refer their friends too!

Every time you use the application for shopping, you will earn a series of rewards. The surprises keep coming!

Finally. Problem solved, in spite of the wallet left somewhere on the sofa. All the trouble for a lame bag of crispy chips. Thanks Beam Wallet for making my day brighter!


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