Earn money with Dreamhost.com

Earn money with Dreamhost.com

Earn money with Dreamhost.com
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Today I will tell you how you can earn money without having a website or paying for hosting. All you need to do is refer people to better hosting that they currently have! Many people sing up with the first found, sometimes very expensive, hosting provider without even knowing that they are overpaying every month. They do this not because they chose to do so but because they didn’t know they have a choice.

What is website hosting?

In order to refer something you should know what it is and who may need it? Website hosting is a physical machine set up somewhere out there in the world which is capable of storing files and presenting them to the World Wide Web as a website. Basically, smarter-way.com and it’s content on my laptop at home would not be accessible for you at all without special setup. You may choose to do this setup on your own and keep your laptop running all the time 24 hours a day…or sign up for a hosting plan with Dreamhost. They will set it up for you and make sure it’s accessible by anyone 24/7.

How to earn money with Dreamhost?

The best thing about Dreamhost is that you don’t even have to be their customer in order to earn money! Dreamhost allows you to participate in their affiliate marketing program and refer people to their services allowing them to choose. Once you sign up you will have 3 ways to receive referral credit:

  1. Ask people to enters your email address when they sign up.
  2. Uses a promo code that you created when signing up.
  3. Send your referral link to them so they can sign up without entering any promo code or referrer.

How much can you earn?

You decide! Either get 10% forever of everything your referrals (plus 5% for people they refer!) spend on hosting with them, or choose to just get a $97.00 one-time payment (plus $5 for sub-referrals!) per annual hosting plan referral or a one-time $30 commission per month to month hosting plan referral!

Don’t wait, go and check Dreamhost services, sign up for their affiliate marketing program and start earning money!


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