How to handle traffic and road warnings in a Smarter Way with Waze

How to handle traffic and road warnings in a Smarter Way with Waze

How to handle traffic and road warnings in a Smarter Way with Waze
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Time is really scarce resource, it is free but it’s priceless, you can’t own it but you can use it, you can’t keep it but you can spend it and once you’ve lost it you can never get it back. That’s why we all should care about our time and things with do with it. In our busy world we tend to lose time every day for unproductive things and one of those things is definitely traffic jam! Today I’ll tell you how you can save time by avoiding traffic whenever possible.

Cars and technology

Nowadays it’s more common to have our cars equipped with latest technology including car navigation systems. They are often great, they allow you to save time by not browsing maps or taking wrong turns. But is it really maximum of what we can achieve? Absolutely no! Navigation systems have no idea about the traffic on the roads, about road accidents, repairs and many other things which will slow you down every day. It is understandable because how is our car supposed to know that? The answer is simple.

Live traffic and accident reports

What would happen if someone would call you on your way to work and told you there is a huge traffic on the main road and you should use back roads to get there faster? You would probably use it for your own advantage. What would happen if someone could notify your navigation system in a car to guide you using back roads? That would be even better. Well, that’s reality now and you can use it straight away for free.

Drive in a Smarter Way with Waze

I am introducing you Waze, one of the greatest apps of all time (I am not exaggerating) ūüôā Live traffic reports are already available for Google Maps Navigation but¬†Waze¬†took it a step forward by allowing it’s users to report traffic manually, inform about road accidents, road blocks, police, fill in gas prices to allow you to drive cheaper and integrated foursquare search which gives you access to every place in the world!

Why is Waze different than other applications?

First of all¬†Waze¬†is available for all platforms (Android, Windows Mobile, iOS) unlike many other apps. Second point worth mentioning is that Waze uses it’s own maps updated daily by it’s uses unlike like map updates released by other companies for their products every couple of months. Now you can enjoy new roads and new opportunities to save time every day. Thirds thing is that it’s fully automatic, it doesn’t require you to act on it in any way to save you time. Lastly it has it’s own database of venues and also integrated Foursquare search so you can reach the place just by using it’s name, not address. And above all that – IT IS COMPLETELY FREE!

How does Waze work?

So let’s start with the fact, that you do need internet connection in order for it to work. Without internet connection there is no such app in the world which could inform you about live events on the road. Nowadays data packages are not so expensive and I believe many of you already has internet enabled phone, otherwise you should ask your mobile services provider for the best package for ¬†you.

So how does it work? In reality it works just by turning it on. I am not joking! When you drive just¬†Waze¬†turned on, it will periodically and anonymously analyze your travel time from point to point and calculate average speed. This information goes to the server and then it’s being sent to all the users in order to calculate their best route. This is the information you would be using as well when travelling somewhere. It comes from millions of users around the world, and most importantly – around you. Whenever you set¬†Waze¬†to guide you to your workplace it will analyze all the data and show you the fastest route. If during your travel, someone being in front of you report traffic jam, or¬†Waze¬†will automatically find out he’s moving at a slow pace it will recalculate your route so you can avoid traffic!

And that’s the best feature of¬†Waze, it doesn’t require you to acting on it, it will take care of your travel time without you even noticing. So don’t be surprised if one day you will be told to turn left instead of right! It’s not something wrong going with your navigation, it is simply¬†Waze¬†trying to help you get there faster than you would normally! Programmers would say – It’s not a bug, it’s a feature ūüôā

But traffic reports is not the only things available thanks to Waze. Whenever someone spots danger on the road, accident, police patrol, blocked road or any other road event Рcan easily inform you and all the other users just with 2 clicks. You can do  the same every day! Waze will also help you find closest restaurant, gas station and even have some fun by participating in special events prepared by the crew!

So don’t wait and try it now. You can download it for free and enjoy more time starting from¬†today!


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