Reasons to Compress PDFs on Your Mobile Phone

Reasons to Compress PDFs on Your Mobile Phone

Reasons to Compress PDFs on Your Mobile Phone
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Portable Document Format is one of the most frequently used file types in business communication because of its significant features. For starters, PDF isn’t attached to any application software, hardware or operating system. This means that it will display the original information on your smartphone in the same manner as on tablet, Windows or Mac computer. This characteristic makes PDF a perfect channel for sharing important and confidential data.

On the other hand, PDF documents are visually very appealing since they can contain various images, graphics, charts and other additions. Therefore, it’s the best place for your resume, portfolio, reports, presentations and other documents that should represent us professionally and make a good impression.

Unfortunately, sometimes we burden PDF files with numerous information, many images, different hyperlinks and other elements that practically increase their size. And when the moment for sharing comes, they are like a solid rock – motionless.

Probably, you already know some useful tools which you use when you need to reduce the size of your PDFs, but today we’ll show you that you can do the same on your mobile phone and main perks of choosing this method:

Compress PDF documents from anywhere, whenever needed

Today smartphones offer so many possibilities and the best part that you can get your job done on the go, without using a desktop computer. Compress PDF allows you to shrink your documents anytime you need to send large files on the fly. Whether you need to send immediately your portfolio to a new employer or an offer to your client, it can be painlessly done from your mobile phone.

Free of charge compression services

Instead of spending money on expensive software, this convenient app offers compression services completely free. Basically, don’t have to squander your time on looking for economical programs or really good free tools. Compress PDF will make your documents smaller and therefore shareable, but you won’t spend a dime on it.

Compress documents from cloud services

Naturally, many of your large files are stored on cloud services and it that way you have more free memory available and at the same time, they are in the safe place. However, since they are heavy, they are difficult for management. With Compress PDF it’s possible to bring down the size of the documents directly from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive and that will be a great time-saver!

Simple to use app

Just a couple of straightforward steps is needed to compress PDF on your iOS or Android device. Simply select a file you’d like to reduce from your phone or cloud services and wait a little bit. The compression takes place on the servers, so it won’t drain your battery or resources. After the compression is done, the outcome is downloaded into the app, and your document is deleted immediately from the servers.

What are you waiting for? Download Compress PDF from the App Store and Google Play.


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