Reward people on the internet in a smarter way!

Reward people on the internet in a smarter way!

Reward people on the internet in a smarter way!
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People are very goal oriented creatures. Not many of us do things without expecting something in return. Reward doesn’t have to be monetary, it can be a favor, attention, help, appreciation, gift,information or even simple ‘like’ on Facebook or ‘Thank you’ from a person we care about. If you know someone and you’re able to meet him/her in person you can always choose how to show you are thankful but when you want to reward someone who lives on the other part of the world your choice is very limited.

Why we should reward people?

Gratitude is the main factor which drives people to share and help. People spend their time making new videos, answering questions on forums, posting funny pictures and all that is because they are looking for some of appreciation. Without it we wouldn’t have what we and we wouldn’t be where we are right now. The more we contribute to society the more we can get out of it. Any form of reward for this contribution is a great motivation for each one of us. Current technology makes it only easier to say ‘Thank you” to anyone on this planet without making much effort…

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency similar to Bitcoin aiming to become “the internet currency”. It is also easy to use, fun and backed by awesome community gathered mainly on Reddit. More information about it can be found on the Dogecoin official website. What makes this cryptocurrency truly unique is dedicated community which works together towards the coin success. You don’t have to understand how the whole thing works just now, just rest assured that this has real value and is being widely used on the internet and I am going to show you how.

What makes Dogecoin great?

Dogecoin community is friendly, helpful and fun and they are truly introducing digital currency to the masses. Dogecoin community raised over 25000 USD to send Jamaican bobsled team to the Olympics on 2014, shortly after that they sponsored great driver Josh Wise by raising over 55000 USD and sent him to the NASCAR race, and this is only tip of the iceberg of their achievements! They are known to be generous and not to care that much about the price, exchange rate and all of this serious things in favor to have fun and share. They work really hard to improve not only internet but our lives as well.


Dogetipbot is an application which allows us to throw change at a people on the Internet and it is completely free to use. Currently it is fully integrated with and but similar application has been created for Twitter ( with future plans to make Facebook tipping app much more user friendly (FB dogetipping). Dogetipbot is changing the way we say thank  you on the internet. People who sacrifice their time to make life of others more fun are being rewarded with money and not only “like” or “thank you”. Is this good?Looking at Reddit it proves to be right direction. People have a lot of fun throwing tips here and there as it is not a lot for one tipping person and a lot for person receiving tips from hundreds. Receiving something of a real value in return tends to encourage people to give more effort, share more and be happier about that!

Dogecoin Accepted

Dogetipbot is not the only way to show your gratitude, in many places on the internet you’ll see “Dogecoin Accepted” logo similar to the one above. This applies not only to many online stores where you can pay with Dogecoins, this also applies to charity organisations, free donations on blogs, forum or social sites. Usually you’ll also find long Dogecoin address (DSYE1WuQZsF9RDArg2xCeoxJACVKRNXFYz) associated or QR code which looks like the one below.



How to reward someone?

If you see any of the above you will need Dogecoin wallet installed on your PC or your mobile device. Both can be obtained from the main Dogecoin site and installation is pretty straightforward. In case of any troubles please refer to “What is Bitcoin and how to use it?” article. In case of PC wallet you would prefer to copy long address and paste it in a “send to” field in the application, mobile devices version comes with QR code scanner so you can just point your phone’s camera onto  this code and it will automatically fill in the address for you. After that you just put the amount and hit the “send” button.

Other ways of rewarding people with Dogecoins!

If you take a closer look you will find a lot of apps like Dogerain or take a look at the growing list of businesses accepting Dogecoins at Dogecoin Business Directory. In order to get your first Dogecoins you can visit one of the sites which gives tiny portion for free or simply go to Reddit and contribute! I am pretty sure you will be soon rewarded 🙂

Below you will find couple of Dogecoin faucets where you can get Dogecoins for free: – you can win some free Dogecoins every hour

CryptoSpout – you can get free Dogecoins once a day – you can claim free Dogecoins every 2 hours, you will receive some bonus Doges by using this green link

Dogecoin as the internet currency

New technologies are here to help people to live a better life. What we considered impossible yesterday it is possible today and what we consider impossible today will be possible tomorrow. Dogecoin is becoming internet currency and with it’s fast transaction times, global character, and 100 billion total coins supply is a great way for tipping people on the internet every day. Simple likes are gaining real value and real value promotes better content and better content makes our lives more interesting. Tipping is simple, fun and rewarding for each one of us.

Smarter way of getting Dogecoins

In this article you will find one more smarter way for making your life better. Green links take you to the sites where you can not only receive free Dogecoins but also take advantage of their affiliate marketing program. Once you try those sites and you’re happy with the result you can use that link to inform other people about them. You will be getting free Dogecoins every time they get some. So please take a look at the list above and reward yourself with couple of Doges!

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  1. ljliljan02 at 4:16 pm

    I been on Reddit and I don`t know what to do on that site to get some coins or to earn. I start just few days ago and many stuff is new for me whit this Dogecoin, bitcoin and others, but anyway I think this is great because its easy. Also I must tell that I ears about 100 Dogecoin on this faucet in this few days and on another one ( but from this secont payout is in Sunday so I must wait few days 🙂

    Also want to thx for your donation on dogefaucet because we cant get Dogecoin from this site if we dont have donators 🙂

    • kamil (admin) at 9:17 am

      Thank you very much for your comment, I will add some more working faucets soon 🙂 In case of any problems with using Dogecoins or any other cryptoccurency please let me know, I will be happy to help, otherwise stay tuned and wait for the next article 🙂

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