The Smarter Browsing Experience Away from Home – Cactus VPN

The Smarter Browsing Experience Away from Home – Cactus VPN

The Smarter Browsing Experience Away from Home – Cactus VPN
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Nowadays we have become dependent on the benefits brought by technology, specifically the internet connection. Whether you need to send a business email when you are away from the office, find an address you’re supposed to get to or simply help you kid do his homework through video calls, a good internet connection is a must. Well…some of you don’t have access to a reliable internet connection, you are travelling to a country with restrictions on internet usage or maybe you forgot to pay the bill – anyways, one must admit that in many urgent cases, public networks were a life-saving solution.
However, have you ever thought about privacy when accessing such public networks? It’s your life, your child, your preferences, your business ethics! Regardless the situation, there is one solution that could help you sleep tight tonight: VPN.
VPN can make the difference between sending your private information to secured router, like the wireless router you are using at home, and a public router. The tricky part is that public routers could contain any kind of software; plus, you have absolutely no control over the information you are sending/receiving.

What type of software can be installed on public router?

Ok, don’t panic now. Not everything labeled “public network” aims to intrude in your private life. Reputable manufacturers don’t allow any malicious software to be installed on routers used on the public domain. Therefore, with the standard firmware you are most of the times safe and sound. Unfortunately, malicious persons can easily replace standard firmware with open source firmware like OpenWRT and take full control of the router, consequently control of all the devices connected to the router. That sounds…intrusive. Imagine all your login information, your private conversations, pictures of your partner/child, personal contacts – all being “nakedly” displayed to the eyes of a stranger. Every time you log in to your bank account, Facebook or email someone car intercept password used. Even if at a first glance it doesn’t seem like a huge deal, try to see the big picture: from a simple Facebook password, hackers can get to your bank account, emails, everything. Whenever I think of VPNs, public networks and browsing privacy, I remember “The Net” – an older movie but still catchy in terms of how technology can be used for identity theft. Well…I don’t want to risk, so I started looking for the strongest VPN providers.

How can VPN protect me?

VPN is the abbreviation of Virtual Private Network. Let’s compare a “public” browsing experience with a “VPN” browsing experience.
First of all you need to know what happens when you want to visit a website…

  1. You open a browser on your device and enter an address like
  2. This request goes to the router, goes to your internet provider, then to the DNS server. The server will locate your physical computer; this will take you back the website.
  3. Content associated with comes back through your ISP, your router and back to your devices.
  4. The same thing happens every time you send a text message, password to log in or request file on the internet.

What happens when you visit a website through VPN?

  1. First you connect to VPN service. This is your safe gear tunnel to reach the desired information. The VPN connection links your device to the router, ISP and ends with the VPN service provider. The cool thing is that this connection is bullet proof; it’s impenetrable, because the encryption level is amazing.
  2. Again, you open browser and enter an address like This time, the device encrypts your request and sends it through the secured connection. It goes to your router, through your ISP and reaches your VPN service provider.
  3. It’s time for the computer to decrypt your request, find the website, encrypt the content and send it back through the secured connection. The content will be decrypted when it reaches your device and you will be able to visualize the requested information.

Obviously, there are many types of VPN service providers, offers and options available for those interested in keeping their information private anywhere they go. For a detailed summary on VPN service providers and how VPN works, you can read more here
Choosing a suitable VPN provider is not a matter of taste; it is a matter of necessity, price and offer. While searching for a reliable VPN provider for my never-ending browsing needs, I came across Cactus VPN. What I loved about Cactus VPN is the smart placement of their servers across the world, the great price packages and the versatility.

Here are some of the top features of Cactus VPN:

  • Unlimited bandwidth and speed
  • Best Data encryption
  • High speed with 1 gbps servers
  • Proxy servers & Auto Proxy feature
  • Multiple devices with one package
  • Shared static IP
  • Professional 24/7 customer support

Besides these extremely attractive features, Cactus VPN is delivered at ridiculously low price, ranging from $3.49/month in the US to $4.89/month for VPN and Smart DNS!! Does it get better than that? Sure it does!
Stay with me and I will show you how to earn some extra cash:

Another smarter way of making money

  1. Register for a CactusVPN account.
  2. Activate account. Activate your affiliate account from the Affiliates tab in Client area.
  3. Promote services and receive 25% from each sale. (You can promote their service using the affiliate URL, write a review about their services, post comments, promote on social networks, and even use banner ads).

Remember to replace “Your CactusVPN Affiliate Link” with your unique referral link.
The unique referral link is send when you register for a CactusVPN affiliate account.

CactusVPN provides a great opportunity to earn money from affiliate marketing! Create an account, test their services and receive the referral link. For each person who will sign up by using your link CactusVPN, the company will share part of the profit!
Go ahead, test their services, start earning and share your experiences with us!


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