Smarter Way for accessing internet in public or restricted places – VPN!

Smarter Way for accessing internet in public or restricted places – VPN!

Smarter Way for accessing internet in public or restricted places – VPN!
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Usually we don’t think about our privacy and safety when accessing internet in public places or while visiting countries which puts some restrictions on internet usage. Not many of you know that most often we are responsible for being a victim more than anyone else involved. Today I will quickly tell you about safe way of using the internet through VPN and why this should become our habit.

Why is it unsafe to use internet in public places?

So first question which should be answered is why is the internet in public places different than the one we use at home? First of all your device in order to access the internet must be connected to the other device like wireless router. Every information sent to and from your phone must go through that router first. At home most likely own this device and you’re the only person having access to it, in public places you have absolutely no control over it as well as the software installed on it…

What type of software can be installed on public router?

Most manufacturers doesn’t allow any malicious software to be installed on the router so with standard firmware most likely no one will do you any harm. Unfortunately with only a bit of knowledge anyone can replace standard firmware with opensource firmware like OpenWRT and take full control over the router as well as devices connected to it. Logging all the traffic, passwords, conversations, pictures is only a tip of the iceberg. Every time you log in to your bank account, Facebook or email someone car intercept password used. Even if you think this is not a big issue if someone takes your social network password just think if you’ve never used this password on any other site? Think how many information can be revealed if someone will be pretending you and talking to your friends? I can assure you even small things means a lot to someone who knows how to use it. Remember that each application installed on your mobile phone has background access to the internet which means you cannot control what type of data is being sent through public router and possibly logged somewhere for further analysis and usage. You can say that you ISP (Internet Service Provider) is logging traffic as well and this will probably be truth, with the only difference that you ISP is not going to use this data unless directed by Police or similar institution. Still this behaviour is great disrespect for our privacy.

Limiting internet access

In many countries or places you’ll notice that some websites or services are inaccessible. I currently live in United Arab Emirates and you would be surprised how many sites are currently blocked.

Internet Service Providers

As I already mentioned earlier in most countries internet service providers keep logs of your activities and are required to disclose them if needed. Assuming you’re not doing anything wrong intentionally you have no control over some applications installed on your computer or phone. You have no control over the website you’re visiting, malicious software or any other type of virus. Anyone who has temporary access to your PC or mobile can potentially do something which can be problematic in the future. There are cases of people being chased because of wrong comment posted under some articles or by downloading illegal software (not always intentionally).

How can VPN protect me?

If you haven’t heard about Virtual Private Network commonly called VPN then it’s the right time to read about it now. I am going to explain it as simple as possible without complicated bits and bobs. What is VPN and why is it important?

First of all you need to know what happens when you want to visit a website…

1. You open a browser on your device and enter an address like

2. This request goes to the router, goes to your internet provider, goes to DNS serwer which locates physical computer which will give you back the website.

3. Content associated with comes back through your ISP, your router and back to your devices. All parties knows which page was requested by you and what came back.

Similar process exists every time you send a text message, password to log in or request file on the internet.

What happens when you visit a website through VPN?

1. First you connect to VPN service, it’s like creating concrete pipe between you and your VPN service provider (some computer somewhere out there). This pipe goes straight from your device, through your router, through your ISP and ends where your VPN service provider is. This pipe is concrete because the connection you made is encrypted none of the parties can see through.

2. You open browser and enter and address like, at this point your device encrypts your request and sends it through the pipe. It goes to your router through your ISP and reaches your VPN service provider.

3. At this point the other computer you’re connected to decrypts your request, finds the website, enrypts its content and sends it back through the pipe.

4. Website content goes back through ISP and your router in an encrypted form so no one can understand it, it reaches your device where it’s being decrypted and presented on your screen.

It doesn’t matter if you’re chatting or downloading files or logging to your bank – only you and your VPN service provider knows what you were requesting.

How can I take advantage of using VPN?

In order to secure your connection anywhere you need to choose your VPN service provider. There is a variety of companies offering VPN services as well as couple of free VPN servers which you can easily use without registration. Difference between them is clearly visible. Public free VPN servers allows you sometimes for short term connection or have limited services you can use through them. In my opinion they are great if you want to try functionality. Paid services in most cases have no limits if it comes to service you can use, nor bandwidth, nor time limits. It doesn’t matter which VPN service provider are you going to use you’ll follow these instructions  to connect. As for my choice for VPN I use EarthVPN, because of their great prices, large variety of server locations and special application for Windows and Mac OS platforms which makes it a lot easier to use for beginners.

Another smarter way of making money

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