Smarter Way for receiving tips on your website with Dogecoin

Smarter Way for receiving tips on your website with Dogecoin

Smarter Way for receiving tips on your website with Dogecoin
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In one of the recent articles we talked about how to reward people on the internet in a smarter way. Today I wanted to show you  you how can you be easily rewarded with Dogecoin if you have your own blog or website. You can even use this in your emails or newsletters!

Normal way for receiving tips with Dogecoin

If you have ever installed Dogecoin wallet or read about cryptocurrency you probably know, that it’s enough to give someone your account address and anyone can send you tips. Yes, but this requires them opening the wallet, copying and pasting address, filling amount and adding optional message. It is not a big deal but it is easy to copy and paste wrong address.

Smarter Way for receiving tips with Dogecoin

With just a little bit of basic knowledge you can simply the whole process by publishing a link instead of just account address. Anyone who has Dogecoin wallet installed (dogecoin-QT) or lite-wallet (multidoge) will be able to just click this link and have his/her wallet automatically opened and ready to send the tip to correct address. Both wallets automatically associate with “dogecoin:” links, just like your web browser will associate itself with a “http:” link. When using this link you can specify:

  • The address where you want to receive a tip or payment
  • The amount of Doge to be sent
  • A label, so you’re transaction is easily identifiable in the wallet, it can be website name or whatever
  • A message, which will also show up in the wallet, purely optional

In a matter of fact all those parameters are optional but you should specify at least an address because otherwise link will have no use at all 🙂

So link itself looks pretty simple:


If you want to use it on any forum as a BBCode you’ll paste it like this:


If you want to use it on a website you’ll use HTML code and it will look like this:

<a href=”dogecoin:DSYE1WuQZsF9RDArg2xCeoxJACVKRNXFYz?amount=1000.00&label=Type_your_name&message=Some_message”>Send me a Dogecoin Tip!</a>

If you use the above code on your website it will create a link like this:

Send me a Dogecoin Tip!

Link will work only for readers who has the Dogecoin wallet installed on their devices and not for everyone, but you are more than welcome to introduce them to Dogecoin at the same time!

I wish you many tips!


P.S. Many thanks to MachoSmurf for preparing tutorial on Dogecoin subreddit which was my inspiration for today’s Smarter Way!


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