Smarter Way to ride with Uber!

Smarter Way to ride with Uber!

Smarter Way to ride with Uber!
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Uber application is presented as innovative and alternative to traditional taxis. However , the company explain the potential users, that it’s not carrier and it doesn’t provide transportation services. These services are offered by drivers who can pick up and give a lift to those passengers, whose destination is on the way to their own target place. The application is only an intermediary between the user and the driver – it provides only a ‘tool’ that allows users to order a ride. Uber allows order a ride but also to ad ourself as a driver who will accomplish a transit.

How to start using Uber?

It’s simple – you only need to register your account through a mobile application or website. Then you need to add your credit card number to allow easy paying for rides and finally verify your phone number. And that’s all – you can just start using Uber.

Why is it worth it?

1. Simple contact with the driver

Uber gives us information about the driver – the name and details of the car. Application also allows us to make a phone or text to driver. While we are waiting for the driver, we can trace his current location on the map and when he reaches the designated place we will be informed by text message.
What’s also important, it’s not a problem if we want to order a ride for some of ours friends. You just need to indicate your friend location and after taking our order by the driver, you should contact him to determine details of who needs a taxi, for avoiding any problems.

Another important thing is travelling with animals. This matter is left to the driver – it depends on him if he agree to take a pet as a passenger. However, the situation is quite different when to comes to the ride with animal-guides – all drivers offering their cars are absolutely obliged to take such a helper.

2. Unknown address isn’t problem

The application checks our location through the GPS function on our phone, and then it finds the free driver, who is closest to our place. We don’t need to know the exact address – we can make an appointment with the driver “near this green trash can, under billboard advertising washing powder,” and he shouldn’t have much trouble with finding us. However, you can traditionally give the exact address, if you know it, and you want to be more relaxed about getting the driver to the destination.

3. Simple price-list

Uber shows us the rates that prevail in our city. When we choose the place of starting our ride and the destination the application will show the estimated cost of the whole route. It is worth mentioning that the prices are competitive compared to traditional taxis. The driver may be any person who has a valid driving license and own car with a set of valid documents.
Our private taxi driver earns “by the way” – his basic earnings do not depend on the number of completed courses. This is for him only an additional option, allowing for earning easy money or reducing the cost of moving in different places by his own car. That’s the reason that the prices are competitive – lower compared to the traditional taxi ride in corporations. It is known that the driver, who will have a good reputation, will make more rides in fact, earn more than if the prices were the same.
From the same assumption comes out Uber – lower prices mean more courses, more courses mean more money, and thus more people should start using this application. And the number of users continues to grow.

4. Quickly and conveniently

You don’t have the cash? No problem. After the end of the journey, your credit card is automatically charged a fixed amount. You can forget about searching for the change, because we are missing “buck” to settle the bill. The whole payment of service runs smoothly without any obstacles, at a fast pace – in fact, while we are getting out of the car after finishing the course, we are settled with payment and we don’t have to worry about that. There is no need of leaving a tip for the driver for course. After all, you will receive a bill for the service to your e-mail address.

It is worth mentioning that in some countries, it is possible to pay for services if you do not have a credit card. For example, in countries such as France, Spain and the United States, as well in many others, it is possible to pay using PayPal. However, in England you also have the option to pay with Google Wallet.

5. Paying with friends

If you are choosing a ride with friends, you can invite them to a common charge. In this way the credit card of each person will be charged the same amount, and you won’t have to determine who needs to give back money to someone and how much actually. End of thinking that we owe someone some money – the application will ensure that we don’t rise a little loan from friends.

Free rides – how can you get them?

If we rarely use a taxi, but still from time to time it happens to us, the interesting option is the ability to get free ride, which we can use.
You just need to share your promo code (referral link), which carries the interested person to the registration form, which allows making an account on the site. Each new Uber’s user, who registers in the application by using the promo code, which he/she obtained from us, gets a free first ride or (depending on country) a certain amount of money that can be used for a specified number of runs. In exchange, after finishing the ride by this person, we also get a free ride or the same amount of money, in order to use it later.
Generally, by inviting friends to join Uber, we’re gaining the ability to use free “taxi” in the future. For them it will be also a good opportunity – our friends will be able to make rides for free too, by sharing their’s promo code. We can find our promo code in the “Free rides” – then just copy and share it with friends.


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