Smarter Way to Unveil the Hidden Bitcoin Gem – Genesis Mining

Smarter Way to Unveil the Hidden Bitcoin Gem – Genesis Mining

Smarter Way to Unveil the Hidden Bitcoin Gem – Genesis Mining
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Did you know that the phrase “Money makes the world go round” was first used in the “Cabaret” musical back in 1972? Since then, many people have debated over the subject, some stating that money really makes the world go round in terms of economics, while the romantics believe that love makes the world go round

We are no longer in 1972. This is the 21st century and whether we admit it or not, money represents the motor of the worldwide economy. The best proof is that money has started to take different forms, way different than the traditional paper/coin form. Considering the advancement of technology and specifically the internet, one should never wonder about the appearance of the mighty BITCOIN.

Bitcoins are a type of digital currency, created and managed electronically. Unlike the traditional paper/coin money, Bitcoins are never printed. The interesting fact is that people from around the globe (especially business owners) are producing bitcoins every day by running computers based on software that solves mathematical problems. What I love about bitcoins is the fact that no one controls it. Ok, so how do we get bitcoins?

Bitcoins are “mined” using the PC power in a carefully distributed network. You have to discover bitcoins by competing with other computers. However, in order to start mining for your own bitcoins, you need some serious hardware. I mean very serious hardware.

For those who are not ready yet to invest in super-powerful computers, there is an option: cloud mining. After researching a bit the market, I’ve came across Genesis Mining, one of the largest scrypt cloud mining companies out there. You can find them here:, and you will understand why I believe they have some features that are unique in the cloud mining market.  From my experience as a Genesis Mining user, here are the top seven undisputable advantages of working with them:

  1. Fully integrated, advanced multipool option that enables the use of an algorithm specially created to mine the most profitable altcoins. The revolutionary trading engine converts the mined coins to Bitcoin/Darkcoin). Users gather their payments straight to their wallets.  
  2. User-friendly, intuitive interface that makes it easy to manage the hashpower, the keep track of the latest statistics and see how profits cumulate.
  3. Users can mine a number of altcoins, including Litecoin, Dogecoin, Reddcoin, and Feathercoin.
  4. Convenient hashpower upgrades – genesis Mining allows upgrades at any time. The upgrade is available immediately after payment is ready.
  5. Flexible mining allocation, depending on the user’s preference.
  6. Highly affordable fee – $0.14 per kh/s, plus three types of contracts: gold, platinum, and diamond. The gold feature is a yearly 2 Mh/s contract and costs $360. The platinum option is a yearly 10 Mh/s contract and costs $1600. Finally, the diamond option promises to deliver “Max Profit” – 50 Mh/s a year at a price of $7000 sounds like an excellent offer.
  7. Genesis Mining offers a hassle-free mining experience. Users don’t have to set up and assemble parts, make sure everything is running, isolate the noise and deal with electricity bills. You pay a low fee and voila: you have the mining power you need to gather bitcoins.

Without a doubt, Genesis Mining is a unique player on the Bitcoin market. The dedicated software that mines the most profitable altcoins available, along with the direct transfer to the users’ wallet and the flexibility of altcoin options are some of their best qualities.

The Smart Way to Bitcoin Mining

Genesis Mining seems like a promising could mining provider. In addition, they have a great affiliate marketing program. Whenever you purchase mining power, if you use the promotional code, you will get a nice discount – promo code: t3anwU. With that code you will get 3% off on all Hashpower  packages and I will get an upgrade on my existing Hashpower. What is more, you can also participate in their affiliate marketing campaigns, share your promo code and get upgraded while giving discounts to others!

Good luck with mining! Bitcoins have started to make the world go round! Are you going to keep up with it?



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