Smarter Way to transfer and earn money with EasySend

Smarter Way to transfer and earn money with EasySend

Smarter Way to transfer and earn money with EasySend
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Online money transfer channels like Paypal, Skrill, Transfer 24 etc., have made financial transactions very easy and stress free. With some service charges, they allow you to transfer money internationally. However, these service charges vary between companies. EasySend is one of the safest, quickest, simplest and cheapest ways of international money transfer. You can transfer money from the UK and Poland to about thirty countries across Europe.

One of the highlighting points of their service is the speed of transfer. If you are ready to pay fees, they can transfer your money within time period varying from 10 minutes to 1 day. They provide two types of transfers.

Fast Transfer: The usual charge is 2 GBP per transaction, BUT you get first and every 10th transaction for free. They can transfer within 1 hour to maximum 1 day under this service.

Super Fast Transfer: Here the charge is 5 GBP, but you will surely get your money transferred within 2 hours at the maximum!

If you compare the cost of services provided by EasySend, it is significantly lower than its market competitors.

How to register with EasySend?

All you have to do is to visit the EasySend Registration Page and provide your email address. After that you can submit necessary documents (ID Proof , Residential Proof etc.) by uploading them under “documents” on your account or sending them via email at This is important step which gives you protection from fraud. You can also register by visiting the office in person.

After registration you can start enjoying the services!

In which countries can you transfer money with EasySend?

From United Kingdom,

  • To Poland on Polish zloty account (PLN)
  • To Poland on foreign currency accounts (GBP, EUR, CHF, USD, CZK)
  • To any country in European Union on EUR, CHF, USD, CZK accounts

From Poland

  • To the accounts in the UK
  • To any country in European Union on EUR, CHF, USD, CZK accounts

Smarter Way for sending money with EasySend

If you are from the UK or Poland then you have a great opportunity to save money by transaction through EasySend. Have a look some of the offers you get…

  • First transaction is free
  • Every 10th “Fast” transaction is also free!

We never miss to surprise you…

Actually you can do more than just saving money …that’s earning money with EasySend!

Earn money with EasySend?

If you don’t work in the UK or Poland but still want to earn some money EasySend prepared great referral program which allows you to inform people about their great service and being rewarded for that!

How does it work?

  • Have a customer account with EasySend
  • Go to “Refer and Earn” section in your account
  • Find your referral link there and send it through Facebook or E-mail
  • Your friend opens an account by clicking your link
  • He/She gets a free Superfast Transfer
  • When their total transaction reaches 100 GBP, you will get 10 GBP from EasySend!

You can refer as many friends as possible. There are no limitations in terms of number or duration of referrals.

Register with EasySend and start earning today!


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