Turn your phone into scanner with CamScanner!

Turn your phone into scanner with CamScanner!

Turn your phone into scanner with CamScanner!
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You must have faced situations, when you need to  scan a document and send through an e-mail immediately. But it is difficult to do so, if you are out of your office or home, where you can use your big, heavy and slowly working scanner. In this situation, just imagine a handy device, which you can immediately take out of your pocket and scan with it whatever you want in no time! Well, your imagination has been materialized in the form of CamScanner!

CamScanner is a great utility product for all those who don’t believe in wasting time. This is an app developed for your android, windows or iOS mobile device. After installing it on your device you can immediately scan any document or photograph within few seconds. It is a great app for individuals, small scale businesses or even for large scale use in government organizations!

What are the features of CamScanner?

This app offers all the features, which a good quality scanner offers! Have a look at some of them.

  • Mobile Scanner: If your mobile or tablet has a camera with fair resolution, you can use it to scan important receipts, business cards, certificates, hand written notes etc. And you can do it right at the place where you are holding the document. No need to take the document to a scanner.
  • Editing the Scan Quality: After you have scanned the document, you can manually edit the quality of image depending upon your requirements. You also have an option of auto correct or automatic optimization, in case you don’t have the time to edit the document image. It can make the texts and images clearer and sharper.
  • Search Option: It is common to forget where you have stored your scanned document on your mobile or tablet. CamScanner provides you a search option, which will find the document within a couple of seconds. You can search by keyword and it will find all the documents with the titles, notes or images containing this keywords.
  • Converting image to searchable document: This application can identify text from images and extract it. You can further edit it and share it.
  • Direct share: It allows direct sharing of PDF/Image documents via social media, email or Bluetooth.
  • Print and Fax: CamScanner lets you scan instantly, print and send documents by Fax through the app!
  • Add watermarks: You can customize your document with a watermark in the background.
  • Add security password: This app allows you to store or share important documents with password encryption.
  • Synchronization: Get yourself signed up on their website and you can synchronize your documents online. After that, you can access synchronized documents from any mobile, tablet, laptop or PC.

Some of the above mentioned features are not available on free subscription of CamScanner. You need a premium subscription to avail all the benefits.

Please remember that FREE version is perfectly usable and will make your life much easier!

What you get in premium subscription?

  1. Editing and sharing as .txt
  2. Creating doc collage
  3. 10 GB of cloud space
  4. Password protection with expiry date
  5. Auto upload to Google drive, Dropbox, Evernote and One Drive
  6. Special offers
  7. Add 40 extra collaborators
  8. Batch download PDF files

You can buy premium subscription at 4.99 USD/month or 49.99 USD / year, to enjoy all the premium features of app.


You can follow Smarter Way and get all benefits from referrals!

CamScanner provides a referral benefit in which you and your referred friend both can enjoy FREE PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION.

How does it work?

Just follow the steps…

  1. Install and sign up for CamScanner
  2. Refer it to your friend
  3. Make sure your friend downloads the app and signs up
  4. That’s it! The premium subscription will be sent to both of you for absolutely free

If your friend purchases the premium for the first time , you get one month extra of premium for free.

So get yourself a CamScanner here and stop searching for a scanner!

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