Another chance to mine Bitcoin for free!

Another chance to mine Bitcoin for free!

Recently we talked about the Smarter Way for mining cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. This was described in this article. Today we will revisit this smarter way of making money because Zeushash decided to keep giving free mining power to new users…

How to mine Bitcoin for free?

Let’s get this straight. Company called Zeushash will allow everyone to try mining Bitcoin for free for the 30 days for free! All new users will receive free GH/s into their wallet just after sign up! It will be random amount from 1 GH/s to 10 GH/s depending on your luck! Each new users will also receive 5 HashScore which means 2 chances to draw in their lottery to win some awesome HashBuffs for new orders like double payouts, no maintenance fee or simply free processing power. Also as there is more than 80 000 users registered and that’s why  Zeushash is offering 1 Free TH/s for the 100,000th user!

For those of  you who didn’t read start mining Bitcoin for free let me remind about one more smarter way of making money…:)

Zeushash also gives you an opportunity take advantage of their affiliate marketing offer! Once you create and account and test their services you will receive your referral link and for each person who will sign up by using your link Zeushash will reward you with additional 2GH/s. Go ahead, test their services, start earning and share your experiences with us!

How much did you get ?:)


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