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Get free UK landline number with VOIP!


If you are the one of the United Kingdom residents it is very likely that you already have a landline number and most likely you pay a lot every month just to keep it and be able to receive calls. It is also very likely that you have broadband connection and that's why you're able to read this. Why shouldn't you take advantage of this Smarter Way of having both while paying only for one and still enjoying very low call rates?

What is VOIP?

VOIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol which sounds more complicated than it actually is. It is simply technology allowing to use your internet connection to make calls to any number in the world, just like your normal landline does. The main benefit of that is that you already have  your broadband connection and already paying your monthly fees so you should also use it in a smarter way! VOIP also give you a lot more flexibility because believe it or not, you may use your landline number not only on your PC, your mobile phone but also using standard phone you already have at home:)

How expensive is VOIP?

Today I am going to present you Sipgate which will not only give you absolutely FREE landline number, but also no monthly fees and low call rates. Currently it looks like this:

This is a lot cheaper than calls made from you BT landline and additionally all calls made to other Sipgate user are FREE.

You don't pay line rental fees, you don't sign any fixed term contracts, you simply top up your account and make calls. I almost forgot that your account balance doesn't expire if you will not use it!

What are other benefits of VOIP?

Let me tell you few words about the benfits of having VOIP landline number with Sipgate:

  • a phone service provided without the need to enter into an ongoing service contract;
  • a free UK phone number with no setup fees;
  • no requirements to add call credit to receive calls or to call UK freephone numbers and other sipgate phone numbers;
  • free voicemail service with email notifications;
  • call forwarding rules to up to three other phone numbers and voicemail;
  • ability to make multiple simultaneous inbound and/or outbound calls from VoIP phones/devices registering from more than one location;
  • we comply with SIP Standards, so in general any SIP Compliant VoIP phone will be operable with our service;
  • Sipgate services should be accessible from anywhere there is a suitable broadband internet connection;
  • Sipgate has been in operation over ten years and is a well established, leading European VoIP provider.

VOIP is easy to configure on most mobile phones by using one of the available applications like CSIP simple or Zoiper for PC. You can also use VOIP enabled router at home or VOIP gateway to connect your telephone at home.

If you have problems with using or understanding how the VOIP technology works you can always drop a message to NatWeb Solutions guys and they will be happy to help you with this and much more! 

Don't wait and use this opportunity today!