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Improve your writing skills and earn money!

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Grammarly is a cloud-based browser add-on which checks and improve your English at the same time - while writing anything (in English, obviously), Grammarly will correct you always when you make a mistake. If you’re a student, that addon should be very useful for you and your language skills.

Grammarly works on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. One of the factors that makes Grammarly the best choice for an online grammar checker is how easy it is to use on different web apps and even in Microsoft Word. Unlike other grammar checkers, the application isn’t intrusive, and it appears in texts boxes online.

The service has an online hub where you can manage all its settings. You can compose and save documents within Grammarly if you’d like, and you can also install an application on your phone to check your writing on the go.

How does it work?

Grammarly makes sure everything you type is clear, effective, and mistake-free, by offering accurate and - of course - correct context-specific suggestions.

Grammarly lets you choose American or British English, and you can select a writing genre. This is very useful because you use different voices when writing for different audiences, and it’s great that Grammarly can adapt.

The application also makes it easy to ignore its advice, which is especially helpful if the software gets something wrong in your document, which happens occasionally. In addition, you can add words to your dictionary.

Also, you can find some examples of functioning at

How can you earn some money by promoting Grammarly?

It is very simple. Just register under one minute (and earn $0.20 for start), place a banner and write a post to receive an additional $25. After all, you'll be a true Grammarly affiliate. If you finally decide to begin promoting Grammarly, they will offer you also many other benefits, such as high conversion rates (20–30%), cross-device tracking and premium plan purchases ($20).

For the best and top performers, Grammarly offers exclusive cash bonuses and increased payouts.