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Smarter way of sharing - affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing

We spend most of our lives on sharing. We share time, ideas, knowledge, resources. Not many people know that sharing apart from being beneficial to us can be also profitable! Today I will show you couple of examples of how to share in a smarter way and why we should do it all the time.

Why do we share?

Sharing often makes our lives easier.  It's a way to take advantage of opportunities, gain new skills or simply help someone else. Sometimes it is not enough for people to spread the news about this great product, service or way to make other people's lives easier. That's why affiliate marketing was invented. The main goal of affiliate marketing is to reward person who is spreading the word but not only. Many companies took it a step forward and offer benefits for people being referred by current customers.

What can I gain?

First of all if you're referring good service rest assured that you'll get other people's gratitude :) But not only. Depending on the company you may receive:

  • Money which can be cashed out or in a form of credits to spend with that particular company
  • Discounts for future services or other vouchers
  • Freebies, rewards as a thank you for spreading the word
  • Other form of reward limited by imagination only

The most thing to remember here is that your gain is never someone else's loss! This means that if you refer someone you will be rewarded, the other person may be rewarded but this reward will always come from the merchant. In most cases they will simply share their profit with you, sometimes they will reach out to their pocket to reward you.

Where to find affiliate marketing offers?

In order to take advantage of affiliate marketing you first need to know about it and the way it works. I'll quickly tell you where to start.

First before you tell someone about product or merchant find out if there is any form of affiliate marketing run by this company. In order to do that the best way is to ask! Send them an email or give a quick call. You can also explore their website or do Google search. Doing that I discovered that my VOIP provider will be rewarding me for every top up of every referred customer. I discovered that my hosting provider will share his profit with me if I refer people to his site and they will use their services. I also found out that I can have some parcels shipped for free if I tell people about their services :)

So don't be afraid to ask, even if company has not come up with referral program yet they may offer you some individual reward or prepare their offer based on your inquiry!

How to refer someone?

When you have the opportunity to refer anyone you need to know how to do that. On the internet the most popular method is "referral link". It's special address given only to you and every one who clicks that link and start using company's services will be assigned as your referral. This will entitle you to gain profits. If referral link was not provided you need to instruct people to enter your username during registration process. Merchant may also ask you to send invitation using form on the website which will automatically assign referred email addresses to your account.

In the real world you may be entitled to receive benefits but there is no referral link:) Depending on the merchant you may be asked to give out some leaflet, paper invitation or simply instruct new customer to inform about being referred by you. This happened to me many times and I am always happy to inform company who sent me to them :)

Is affiliate marketing a smarter way to life?

Some people decided to take a full advantage of this opportunity and make it a way of life! It only depends on your creativity, ability to think outside the box and amount of people you interact with. If you meet, talk and chat to few friends only you can make their lives easier but it will be hard for you to make it a living. If you decide to reach hundreds or thousands of people with the same information you may realize your profits are getting significant.

Also as mentioned before referring people may be beneficial for them as well!

Benefits for new clients!

Many merchants encourage to use affiliate marketing. Best examples for that are:

Dropbox - they offer 500mb as a bonus both for person referring and being referred. If you signup using green link you'll get it, if you just go to and create an account - you will loose this opportunity.

Quidco - Whenever you buy something online or in UK stores it is worth checking Quidco before you make a purchase! You can find some really nice cashback offers not only for products but also trips, hotels and flights! Additionally if you sign up with my green link you'll get 1£ after receiving first cashback. If you sign up just by going to the Quidco website you'll not take advantage of this opportunity.

Other examples:

Kualo  - is hosted on their servers and since I am really happy with it I would like to share this information with you! Price is reasonable, there is unlimited transfer and unlimited space although fair usage policy applies :) Never had problem with them and support is just amazing. Quick search revealed they have affiliate marketing campaign in place so go ahead and check their offer :)

The most important thing!

The reason I called this chapter the most important thing is because what I am about to say it the most important thing when dealing with people in general. It applies not only to affiliate marketing and smarter ways of sharing but also every day things you to make your life easier.

Whenever you're sharing something or helping someone always make sure you are doing the right thing! The reason why many people hate canvassers it's because the most often offer you a bad deal. If you offer someone a bad deal you may get some profit, but most likely you'll do this once. Next time not only this person will not use your advice but definitely will tell all his/her friends to be very cautious when dealing with you. On the other hand if you really help someone you can be sure it will be rewarded. It doesn't mean you should tell anyone about services which has some cons. Just be honest. If you know that service can be beneficial to someone but at the same time there is a risk make sure you mention the risk as well. People will appreciate that.


Affiliate marketing is a great way for smarter sharing! Not only it encourages people to spread the news but also can be beneficial to both parties. Think about it every time when you're about to tell someone about new services you're using or new product that you bought. Helping people in a smarter way will make you life a lot easier!

Smarter Way

Introducing new services to people, sharing information or helping others can be not only fun and fulfilling but also profitable. Green links here on Smarter Way will always take you to sites where you can not only take advantage of product/service but also discover new smarter way of doing things that other people do every day. Always pay attention to them and think - How can you live your life in a smarter way?