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Trade and earn money with Bitfinex

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Bitfinex is a platform that allows trading cryptocurrency. Currently it is one of the biggest platforms in the world. Bitfinex not only allows you to exchange many cryptocurrencies but also they have an amazing affiliate program which I am going to uncover for you today.

Bitfinex Referral Program

Bitfinex created referral program. If you join the platform's referral program it will be possible for you to start earn up to 38% on trading fees paid by the users you invite, without any maximum trading volume limit. By joining it you can earn additional revenue and contribute to the growth of the Bitfinex platform and community.

To become an affiliate you should visit account settings and look for "Affiliation" in the drop down menu or go directly to the Bitfinex affiliate page. Then, you need to click "Join".

How To Join Bitfinex Referral Program:

  1. Go to Bitfinex Referral Program page.
  2. Generate and find your own referral link and code.
  3. Share your referral link via social media, blogs, comments, forums, email etc.
  4. Invite your network and friends to join the platform.
  5. Earn up to 38% from the invited member's trading fees.

How to invite your friends

To invite your friends to use the platform go to the referral page and then generate your own referral link and then share it with your friends via social media, email or any other channels.
You can also see the number of registrations made by using your link on your Affiliates table, including associated usernames.

How to create your link

Go to the Bitfinex referral page. Then, generate your own, unique referral link by clicking on the "Generate Link" button. Now, your own link and code will appear in your affiliate section.

How to find your own, unique referral link

Just go to the account/referral page and then click the "Generate Link" button to create your own, unique referral link.

How to withdraw your earning funds

You can withdraw your earning funds when you reach the minimum withdrawal amount. Here is how you can withdraw your earnings:

  1. You need to have a valid cryptocurrency address.
  2. Go to the withdrawal page.
  3. Select the token you want to withdraw. Here is the list of all available tokens.
  4. Input your own address to which you will be sending your earned tokens.
  5. Choose the amount you wish to withdraw
  6. Click "Request Withdrawal" button.

It is worth to know that there are no withdrawal limits for cryptocurrencies on Bitfinex. You can also track your withdrawals here.

How to succeed in the Bitfinex's referral program

The best way to maximize your earnings is to invite traders within your personal network and raising awareness about the features and roadmap for the platform. You can also produce marketing materials to improve your success rates.
Trades made by using the Bitfinex API are included in the same way as orders made via the user interface and earnings coming from order made via the API are shared at the same rates.